Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Baked Apple Crisps Recipe

     I really enjoyed making, and eating, Baked Apple Oatmeal Streusel. I thought it was yummy, but my daughter wasn't as crazy about it having the whole apples filled with the mix. So I decided to try my own variation and see if it would work better. It was a hit! :o)

     I cored and sliced 2 apples, you can use more if you need. I mixed together about a tablespoon of vanilla, and about a table spoon of cinnamon in a small cup. These are just estimations because I added my ingredients by what looked like the right amount, sorry guys! I mixed together the ingredients and then used a small brush to brush the mixture onto the apple slices. I covered all the peeled sides really well. Once I was done, I sprinkled large oats over them. You can also try dipping or rolling them in the oats if you like, I plan to try dipping them next time I make this. After that I drizzled honey over all of them, set my toaster oven (you can use your full size oven as well) to 350 degrees, and put them in for about 10 minutes. You can vary the time depending on how soft you want yours.

Before going into oven

    This is what they looked like before I put them in the toaster oven. I forgot to take an after picture so I will add one after I make them again. My daughter loved them and ate them all! You can add sugar to the cinnamon vanilla mix for an extra bit of sweet if you like, or add honey to the mix as well. I used wildflower honey to drizzle this time, but I've made them with regular honey as well and they tasted just as good. These are great for breakfast, a snack or a dessert! And they are a pretty healthy sweet treat, which is comforting :o)  Enjoy!


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