Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Babies, Sage Moms by Lynda Fassa

     Green Babies, Sage Momsis a book I definitely recommend. It's got amazing advice for pregnant women as well as new moms. What's great about the book is that you can take it and apply it to older children as well. I'm able to take the information in it and use it with my 4 year old. There was a lot in it I already knew, but it was amazing to get another perspective on it. She's got great tips and advice, and actually color codes levels of "green" for readers so that if you cannot make a big green change, you can make a smaller one! I think this is an awesome idea because it helps people getting started make little changes for now, as they work up to the bigger ones. The advice and information is shared in an easy to read way, by someone who has done this all. It's great to get the wisdom from a person who not only lived the "norm" conventional lifestyle, but who also sees the need to live more eco-friendly and organically. The book is available on Amazon, just click the link to go there. I checked out a copy from my local library, which you may be able to do as well.

     Lynda Fassa, the author, is also the creator of Green Babies organic and green baby items! The site offers a lot for new mothers, and their stuff is really cute! I recommend reading the book for sure. So many new mothers get taught the same stuff from the conventional/non-organic culture, I know I sure did. This book is a refreshing change from the usual, and gives you a deeper look into things that are typical for new mom's. It's important to make really good choice for your new baby, so please check out this book! :0)


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