Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Connor Grennan

      Little Princes is a book I highly recommend reading! It's an inspiring and heartbreaking story of children who have been trafficked in Nepal. Traffickers are going into remote villages and convincing families to sell their children so they can get a better life. They promise them a an education, plenty of food, and a good environment. Unfortunately that is not what these children at getting. Most are randomly dumped places where they are left starving, others are sold as slaves. These children suffer and often believe their families are dead. This book chronicles the creation of Next Generation Nepal, an organization created to reunite these lost children with their families, as well as take care of them. This is a wonderful organization, and the book is a  great way to learn all about why it was created and the need it is filling.

     Please take the time to visit the site of Next Generation Nepal and see if there is some way you can help. Even the smallest help makes a huge difference! And it feels amazing to know you are impacting the lives of lost children. Take a minute to imagine what it feels like to be taken away from your family, completely alone, and terrified. These children need our support. Even by purchasing the book Little Princes you are helping, because portions of the proceeds go to help NGN and the lost children. This make the $10 well worth spending! I couldn't put the book down - it is a really wonderful book that gives you such a personal look into the lives of these children. If you are able to help out NGN and want to do more, check out their Partners page to find other organizations that are also trying to help these children. Two that are in the book are: Karya Nepal (the site is in French, you'll need to translate the page) and Umbrella Foundation. These groups have similar missions and are determined to impact the lives of these lost children for the good! At the very least, buy the book. You won't regret it! :0)


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