Monday, September 5, 2011

Lack of Posts Recently

     I apologize I haven't been on here as much the last couple months. It's been very hectic lately and at many times I have not felt motivated to write. I finally got all the things I needed to start my at home daycare, yet I have not gotten any kids in yet. That's been a little frustrating but I am trusting it will work out. Due to financial issues I had to put school on the back burner for now but I still have to make payments. And I'm still waiting for the community where I live to put on a yard sale, which they said they'd do in October. I think it's a silly time to do one due to the weather, but it's not my call.

     So with all these things it's been tough to get on here and write, it's been tough finding things to write about. Add to this homeschooling my daughter and selling things in my free time, and it's all been a whole lot of stress. Some evenings to only thing I want to do is take a hot bath and go to bed early!

     I'll post soon with some of the new things I've been trying lately!


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