Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nature Walk

     Tonight my daughter and I took a fun nature walk to a nearby store. We could have easily driven, but it was much more of an adventure walking. My daughter is five so she can't go for hours on end, but a half hour walk is fine for her. We stopped to enjoy the view several times because we have such lovely sunsets here.

     We stopped to look at interesting plants and my daughter asked me to take pictures of ones she liked. The area we walked is very much like a desert so we got to explore desert plant life and find beauty even in such an environment.

     We saw some interesting insects as well, but sadly most were moving way too fast for me to get a picture of. One of our first bug encounters was with a black beetle who seemed to really like putting his rear up whenever we came near. My daughter thought this was so hilarious! We then talked about why bugs do some of the things they do and why they are the colors they are.

     Our walk wasn't too hot today thanks to a very nice and soft breeze. Yesterday we went earlier in the afternoon when it was much hotter and minus the breeze. So it was nice today to get to feel the wind on our skin and through our hair while we enjoyed the sites around us. It definitely made some of the plants look neat as well.

     One of the precautions we have to take walking through that area is to watch out for sticker bushes and for cacti. My daughter kept reminding me to look at the ground to make sure I didn't get poked. We take a short cut through this area because it's more enjoyable for her than walking on the sidewalks. It was fun looking for cacti and comparing the different kinds we found.

     The best thing about our walks is the time together. We get to share in something, be active, and relax together. She had fun climbing up dirt hills and then going back down "skiing" in the dirt as she called it. I enjoyed seeing joy from my child's eyes and showing her different things. I have to say, even just walking boost my mood and how I feel physically! With our busy lives it's so hard to make time for things like a walk, but it's beneficial in so many ways. My daughter got a real life outdoors homeschool lesson, totally unplanned today. We both got valuable time bonding together as well as good exercise. It was a great break from my day of business, stress, and so many things to do. I'm thankful for those little moments I get to escape like that, especially with her. I am working harder at making time like that for us each day, to relax and enjoy something stress free together. It really does benefit all involved! :)


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